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hand drawn art with no background
falling to darkness by sora204
like this but without the white lines.
hand drawn art (with background)
falling in to darkness by sora204
this is hand drawn art and i add a background.
3 week art project.
deerling by sora204
no portal gun by sora204
my heart's a battle ground by sora204
Untitled Drawing by sora204

this for my 3 week project. here is what i can draw


kingdom hearts , heart battleground

kingdom hearts heartless


your own sonic character with background

sonic character with background

1 week art project
jennifer kovach by sora204
part 1 of creepypasta by sora204

this is my 1 week art project. here i will do


heartless (from kingdom hearts)

your own sonic character

creepypasta (jeff, slendy, granny, splendorman,ect)


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its was 2 hour that you spent with alucard in his coffin you didn't want to leave his side, when you got tired you look at alucard "alucard, I should get to bed" you said yeawning a wiping your eyes, alucard got up and grabed a blanket a layed it over you. you snuggled up to alucard's chest then you heard a lovly huming coming from alucard you looked up and he smiled at you "it was a lalaby my mother sang to me but I forgot the words but I remember to melady of the song" he said like you were his child or something, he begain to hum again you felt the sleep come quickly then you like, you were dead asleep. alucard ran his fingers threw your long (h/c) hair, alucard moved his body a little just to get confertable then he fell aleep next to.

(in your dream)
it was white with red roses everywhere, you walked for 5 mins till you got to a lake with trees and more roses, "why are there so many roses I don't get it" you heard a voice but the voice sounded like a demon or the devil himself " THEY ARE ME FLOWERS THAT GROW FROM VAMPIRES LIKE YOURSELF" it said you looked around till you saw a man or thing " ahhh I see you have found me miss vampire" the thing said again. "who are you" you said, the thing got up from a rock it was sitting on "my name is ingoneo" he said he walked to you and showed no thret to you in anyway, "what you are dreaming about is not something you dream about, it is a cry from help, my master has made me evil so I can't regain any of my true power because I am stuck with fake powers the are not really, but I do worrie that my body with do more damage to London then my own soul's damage, please I ask of you help me so that I can get my body back and kill my master" he said in a sad and  hurt voice. you grabed him and gave him a hug you were able to keep him from crying but you couldn't "the only way you can help is if you drink my blood and give you my power to kill me and end my master's life once and for all" he began to say again. " I'm not trying to be roude or anything but hw do I know that this is not a trick and you just want to use me to get stronger" ingonito grabed your hand with that you saw every memory he ever had, you his birth, his loss, his happiness and his pain. it was to much to take in, then you saw a little girl in the background when you saw all of his happiness, the girl looked like you in way. "that's right its you _______ you were the girl that was around me and my master but you were to young to remember me but you were lonely and sad, I walked over to you and offered you some food and you accept it with nervise and scared, then on I whoud make food for you and you would come out at night to eat the food I also treated your wounds that were really bad but you seemed like they didn't hurt, then the next day you never came back I was broken but here you are older but your still the girl I helped" he said. " ingonito I guess I can't think of any other resion not to trust you" you said. you pulled his head down and bit his neck with a litght then you really bit then you drank his blood he disapiered and you waok with a strong movement "he you ok" the voice said in distress, the voice was really reconisedable it was alucard your love. you opened your eyes and you felt different "alucard, do I look different to you" you said, alucard shocked his head no "why do you ask that _______" you told him the dream and your past that you never remembered till he spoke of it. you got up and got ready for you day mission. your day mission was to find and kill alexander Anderson. when you, alucard and kitten got ready, alucard was knocked back and kitten was stabed badly in was just you and Anderson, you felt you need to use you art restriction "relising art restriction level 1, the restriction shall be lifted till the target is rendered silent" you said grining throght your teeth, then your right arm became this black, red and yellow mass of power and you heard a voice  it was ingoneo he told you to think of what could beuse to kill Anderson when you did three dog heads apeard in the mass of power that was to be your right arm.

(read chapter 5 to see what happens to you and Anderson. sorry if it was late to get this out it was 4 weeks and 1 day that I posted chapter 3. I might not post chapter 5 till a week after august 10 because I am getting my own computer so I can write my stories in better spot of my room, or might post just post a different alucard x reader or sora x reader, whatever I deside if you want me to make a ___x reader let me know, I will be willing if you want a Trevor x readers, I don't do lemon's so I hope you understand)
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i love kingdom hearts, anime, markiplier, ect

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